Why Adventure Capitalism?

I decided to put this together after I found that I loved sending email newsletters but could never stay on a strong cadence without an outside accountability measure. This will go out semi-monthly to subscribers who want to know exactly what is going on with startups, tech, and careers at the earliest stages.

Here’s what you can expect:

  • A regular essay reflecting on a trend or tale of significance from the week. Often I’ll pull on my experience traveling across the country trying to find outstanding founders and products. But sometimes I’ll pull on something more mainstream and give a take on it that I hope to be original and thought-provoking.

  • A real-life, no-fluff look at what the differences are like for companies in Silicon Valley, San Francisco, and New York, compared to companies in the Rust Belt and cities like Pittsburgh.

    This includes what kinds of companies I’m seeing where, what the investment climate is like (i.e., what you need to raise what money), what kinds of jobs people are hiring for and when, and the general heartbeat of different ecosystems. This is not another venture capital newsletter. The world doesn’t need another one of those. Instead, I want this to be more a psychological and sociological look at why different kinds of jobs and companies happen in different places.

  • The latest trends in early stage tech and careers. E.g., what kinds of experience you need to have in order to get hired in different jobs.

  • Calls for startups (i.e., “it’d be great to see a company that does X!”) based on what issues and problems I see that week.

  • Some of my favorite job listings I’ve found that week and how I would suggest going about getting that job based on what I know about that company and industry.

  • Some of my favorite products or startups I’ve found that week.

  • What I’m reading, and why I chose to read it (and if you should read it, too).

  • Recommended people to follow on Twitter.

  • Real questions answered by people writing in asking about tech, startups, and careers from the perspective of somebody who spends all of his time on finding outstanding talent.